One Click Politics
Consulting Services

Digital Strategy

Comprehensive assistance conducting digital advocacy campaigns from initial planning to completion.

We can construct campaigns using your existing database or starting from scratch. We can build your website, develop your messaging, hone your conversion strategy, and work with your lobbyist to tie your digital campaigns into your overarching public affairs priorities.

Advocate Acquisition

Pay for performance advertising and live operator acquisition campaigns designed to capture organic advocate actions and build your database of ongoing supporters.

Using our proprietary profiling and advertising process, we help you develop an “Ideal Advocate Profile,” which we use to help you find and convert organic supporters who are constituents of the legislators you most need to influence.

Key Contact Identification

Our public affairs experts will help you identify and cultivate new or existing key contacts, who have existing personal, professional, or political relationships with elected officials and then map that data to your advocate and legislator profiles in One Click Politics.

Survey Research

Comprehensive survey research on your advocates. We can gather information on policy preferences, demographic data, existing relationships with legislators, and propensity for engagement. You tell us what information you want and we’ll get it for you.

Lobbyist Referral Network

We have developed relationships with leading contract lobbyists in all 50 states from Sacramento to K Street. As a client, you will have access to our referral network at no extra cost. Just tell us about the issue and we’ll help you find the right “gunslinger” to take on your direct advocacy priorities.